selecting an external hard disk drive

Now you know just a little bit more about external hard drives, then you’re ready to do some researching on your own to find an driveway that fits both your student’s lifestyle and your financial plan.

selecting an external hard disk drive

External hard drives are the perfect medium to store your backup information.

For all those who have come to your senses and recognize exactly how important a normal backup of your information really is, I congratulate you.

An external hard drive is a hard disk drive which resides outside (external) of your computer case and connects to a PC through a USB, Firewire, or eSATA cable. The external drive offers a superb solution for people that want to backup their computer files, photos, and music. All are simple to use and installation is simply a matter of plugging a cable in your desktop PC. An external drive can also provide you with much more available disk space in case you just happen to fill the best external hard drive.


So how do I select which one is ideal for me?


As you might expect, there are many brands and models to choose from. Some of the more well known brands are Western Digital, LaCie, Maxtor, Seagate, and Iomega. All of them offer options that differ primarily by storage capacity and rate. Let’s start with storage capacity.


How large a driveway in case you get?


External drive capability is normally recorded in Gigabytes (a Gigabyte is a billion bytes or a thousand megabytes, which is about 11/2 CDROM discs). When selecting an external hard disk drive, you should decide what you’ll be using the drive for, and how much data you will be placing on the driveway. A simple way to have a ballpark amount of how big your current data folder is would be to, for example, make a folder for your own photos. You would then cut and paste all of your pictures into this folder.

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